About Free School Guide

Why do you not provide your school report online?

Free School Guide recognizes that schools and the areas within which schools are located are different. We recognize that families on the move have different needs that go beyond the simple cookie cutter school websites. We recognize that relocating families need a customized close-up look at the schools and school districts in the area they are moving to make an informed decision regarding the future of their child's public or private education.Get Started now by review a complete directory of technical schools and make an educated and well informed decision about your future.

Why do I have to provide my contact information online?

The nature of our school report is to endeavor to provide you, the relocating family, answers to you specific school questions. Some answers can be found on school statistics driven websites and other online offerings of academic and scholastic information. But we look to provide go beyond the numbers offering the custom school information relocating families need before they move. Thus, communication through contact information is essential to this service.

How will my contact information be used?

We maintain a strict no spam policy with your email address and we do not gather contact information for the purpose of create or selling a marketing list(s) for third party vendors and the like. Your contact information will be shared with the volunteer you are assigned to so that he or she can assemble the school information you requested and provide other related information you may also request (housing, shopping, pediatricians and the like).

What can I expect in my Free School Guide?

Each guide is custom made and will include school information that is rarely uniform. Of course we will include academic ratings and pupil/teacher ratios and so forth, but as you discuss your needs with us, your school report will take on a unique flavor of informative materials making it unlike any other school report we have assembled.

Is there a cost or obligation to receive a Free School Guide?

No. We provide this information to relocating families without obligation as a courtesy and welcome. We hope that through our rapport building and the supply of useful information, you will see and learn of our personal and professional value and consider us in our respective professions but there is no obligation or pressure to do so. Any undue pressure in this area should be reported immediately to free school guide.

Can I get information on every school and area?

Free School Guide is constantly seeking to add volunteers to our organization to assist families moving to areas where we currently are not able to provide information. It is our goal and our everyday task to find volunteers for areas of need. We apologize in advance if we are not able to provide you information for a particular school or school district.

How and when will I receive my School Guide?

Our information is typically sent through U.S. mail or other ground carrier. This is left to the discretion of our volunteers. Our volunteers are usually able to assemble the custom information and send it to you within 24 hours but the custom nature of our school reports sometimes requires additional time to assemble.

Why do I have to provide my telephone number to receive a Free School Guide?

Because our school reports are custom made and because we wish to serve you with the most applicable school information and support, we would like discuss your school information needs. Our calls are non intrusive and we maintain a strict guard on your privacy and time. Your number will never be sold or used for any purpose other than to provide you your Free School Guide school report and to assist you with other information you may request from us as a result of your school guide order.

Can you help with a job search?

We do not offer information about employment opportunities, but there are plenty of online resources that will help you with your job search. For example: Ohio Careers is a great online resources for families moving to Ohio.

Is the information useful to teachers?

The information is designed mainly for moving parents, if you are a teacher interested in teaching resources visit the chemistry resources at thecatalyst.org